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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 07 AKA Manic Monday

Today is the day when Wimbledon goes crazy, ditto the fans and those of us able to watch from the comfort of our sofas, have to make decisions as to who we are going to watch.

Yes, it's 'Manic Monday' so called because all sixteen (eight men's and eight women's) fourth round matches are played today. Wimbledon is the only Slam that does this, because it's the only one to have a day where no-one plays. Now I'm all for tradition and I love many of the traditions of Wimbledon (and would bring back some of the now lost ones if I could).

However, one I would get rid off would be the 'no play on the so-called 'middle Sunday'. Yes, I know about resting the grass but . . . It would make life far easier for all concerned, not to mention the small matter of the weather! So far this tournament it has behaved, however, if things went really wrong today (which has been known) Wimbledon could end the day with only a few matches being completed: those on Centre Court.

Six players will have no worries today as they are scheduled to play on CC, the rest I imagine will be looking at weather forecasts (apps), the sky & keeping things crossed. If the worst did happen and the rain came down in torrents, unless all three matches went the distance and the final sets went on and on, TPTB could get at least one more match on CC. However, that would still leave a lot unplayed and Wimbledon having to play catch up - at what they've said more than once is the worst time.

Looking at the BBC for Wimbledon's postcode, it does look to be fine all day - so there shouldn't be a problem. Yesterday, however, it was showing several spell of rain so who knows. Anyway, weather permitting we are in for an excellent day.

All my remaining favourites and second-level favourites are of course playing and with only one exception, none of them are playing other favourites. So hopefully I'll be happy today.

The worst thing for me is that my two favourite men (Rafa & Andy) are scheduled to be on different courts at the same time *wails* How to choose between who to watch? It's going to be so very, very difficult. My one hope is that one of the ladies matches on before them is over really, really quickly, whilst the other one goes to three loooooong sets. That way with a bit of luck I'd be able to watch them both - or at least a good part of both matches. However, as it is I really do have to make a choice.

It isn't the only choice I have to make, as other matches clash and other matches I'd like to see will be played at the same time as Rafa & Andy should be playing. However, it is the biggest and hardest choice.

There is the potential for a load of upsets, also for none or for a mixture (talk about hedging my bets *g*). On paper there isn't really an easy match. Even for Andy and Novak who are both playing unseeded players, it won't necessarily be a stroll in the park - after all their opponents got to the fourth round so are clearly playing well and really do have the proverbial 'nothing to lose'.

On the men's side I would say that the once again on paper potentially most competitive matches are: Federer vs. Dimitrov, Rafa vs. Muller, Berdych vs. Thiem and Raonic vs. A Zverev.

On the women's side I think the most competitive (on paper) are: Kerber vs. Muguruza, Azarenka vs. Halep and Radwanska vs. Kuznetsova.

Now watch me be proven completely wrong *g* Actually, any of the sixteen matches could be tight and competitive and any could be an easy win. That's the depth of both the men's and women's game at the moment. I actually think it's one of the least predictable fourth round days at Wimbledon for some time.

I will go out on a limb and say that I expect the 'Big Four' (Andy, Novak, Rafa & Roger) to all come through their matches. Whereas on the ladies' side I think JoKo will win her match, but one of my second level favourites (Aga Radwanska) will go out. Beyond that I don't want to make any predictions.

If Andy & Jo both win today it will mean Britain will have a man and a woman into the Wimbledon quarter finals for the first time since 1973 (I believe that's the last time it happened).

Now watch me be proved completely wrong *g*
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