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Wimbledon 2017 - Middle Sunday

The day where, unless there has been lots and lots of rain during the previous six days, there is no play at Wimbledon :-(

I always think this is a shame. I know it gives the ground-staff time to work on the courts - and boy do they need work this year - but having a day without play mid-tournament is always disconcerting for me and makes me feel 'off'. There have been a few 'People's Sundays' over the years and they have always been wonderful events.

Anyway, I digress. Back to yesterday. There were no major shocks with everyone who was expected to get through getting through. As I expected neither Roger nor Novak were greatly troubled by their opponents and thus continue their serene way through the tournament - which as far as Novak goes is certainly different from last year.

All bar one of my 'second level favourites' came through - although more than one of them did it the hard way *g* So that made me happy.

Probably the biggest upset of the day came in the Men's Doubles when an unseeded British pair put out the second seeds in a closely fought five-setter.
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