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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 06

Well yesterday pretty much went 'according to plan'. Rafa, Andy & Jo all won - although in Andy's case it certainly wasn't straight-forward :-) (Mind you that's Andy for you).

I didn't actually see Jo's match as I was watching Rafa (bad me *g*). But she did appear to have won pretty easily.

For two sets Rafa's match was like his previous match - his to win or lose. And I'll admit (shock horror) that it was a tad boring. Then in the third set his opponent played a lot better, a lot more freely I felt and Rafa's standards slipped a bit - hence I was a tad 'concerned'. However, Rafa did come through and won in three.

As for Andy . . . I said it might be a close match and that Andy might well even go out. It came close. Yes, he won in four, but it was one point away from going to a fifth set. Fognini upped his game tremendously and played like the chap who had beaten, and beaten comprehensively, Andy the last time they met. The fourth set was a nightmare for Andy and he was down 2:5 with Fognini serving. More than once Fognini had set point, but somehow Andy managed to hold on, break Fognini & kept doing the same until he won the set. Phew, what a match. The men's match of Wimbledon thus far. It was a great match, but more than a bit exhausting to watch.

As expected Heather & Bedene went out. Both of them had their chances, in fact Heather won the first set. But both went out. Thus, it's two British players into week two - double the number we've had for some years.

Once again today brings a slight respite for me as none of my out and out players are playing. However, again several of my second level favourites are playing, so plenty of tennis to watch - which I shall be doing very, very soon.

Today is Novak & Roger day to see if all four top men can make it into the second week. To be honest I don't expect either of them to have any problems. Three set wins maybe four if one of their opponents gets really inspired.
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