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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 05

Yesterday was a pretty good of tennis, albeit somewhat interrupted by the 'battle to see who could make the most noise' between the people outside doing the road resurfacing and the boiler chaps in the kitchen. It was a very noisy day and rather exhausting and distracting to an extent. So I was rather glad that my out-and-out favourites weren't playing.

Overall it was a good day for my second-level-favourites as most of them came through and won their matches pretty easily. So that made me happy. Our young Brit did, as expected, go out, but he put up a good show & despite it being straight sets, he didn't just roll over. He broke his opponent a few times, but then failed to hold his own serve. But he proved he can compete with the big guys.

Novak and Roger both had easy matches - not that I got to see either of them as I was watching other players. I decided to be patriotic and watch Kyle rather than Novak and Roger's match didn't start until fairly late and I can only 'impose' on J so many times *g*

A big upset of the day was the number three ladies' seed going out in a hard fought match. A couple of men's seeds also went out.

Today is another really busy day for me as far as my favourites go as once again my top two men and top lady are all playing, plus two other Brits. So technically we could end the day with four Brits through to the fourth round.

However, I honestly don't see that happening. Sadly I don't think Heather will get past Victoria Azarenka - although she has a better chance this year than others, as Vika has only just returned from having a baby last December. So you never know and Heather can surprise. And our other British chap I don't think will get past the sixteenth seed. Therefore, I suspect we'll end the day with just Andy & Jo in the third round - the British number ones.

Having said that, Andy really does face a challenge today - yes I know I said that two days ago *g* So he faces another challenge. He's playing a player he has lost to recently. However, that was on clay and Fognini  is a clay court specialist who isn't a huge grass court fan, whereas grass is Andy's best surface, so all being well Andy will come through.

Rafa shouldn't have any real problems with the chap he's playing today. Although given they have never actually played one another before, it is likely to take him a few games to get a real handle on Khachanov. Thus, I wouldn't be overly surprised if that match doesn't go to four sets.

However, all in all I am going out on a limb by saying that Rafa, Andy & Jo will all win through. *Crosses fingers*
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