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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 03

Tennis yesterday wasn't quite as enjoyable as Monday's had been. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed some really good matches and my 'second level favourites' were good girls & boys and duly won *g*

There weren't any major upsets or surprises at all - as far as unlikely people losing. However, the big 'news' and talking point of the day wasn't so much the tennis and who won or lost, but the number of players pulling out part way through their matches due to injury. In particular the two matches on Centre Court.

Both Novak and Roger got through, what could have been tricky matches, easily - thanks to both of their opponents calling time a couple of games into the second set - that didn't go down well with the crowd on Centre Court. Thankfully TPTB were able to put on a ladies' match with a top ten player that went to three sets and at least when some way to addressing the fact the crowd 'lost out', as I'm sure many of them believed.

Yes, of course people get injured, we know that, even the best have to pull out mid-match - that isn't the issue. The issue was why did these two players even start their matches, given their injuries? It was clear from the moment he walked on court that Novak's opponent was not going to finish the match, it was just a case of how many games he would actually be able to play, so him pulling out at the beginning of the second set wasn't a surprise. I didn't see the beginning of Roger's match, I was watching one of my 'second level favourite' ladies (Aga Radwanska) intending to switch to Federer's match once it was over. Thus, I don't know how clear his opponent's pre-existing injury was - but it was pre-existing.

The reason they (and many some of the others who pulled out) started the match was (being brutally honest) simple: £35,000 - the money the first round losers get. For some players that is more money than they will make in the entire year. It's a jolly good amount, so you can see quite why you don't just give that up. The APT tour has recently (I believe it's recently as it was new to me) introduced a new thing whereby if someone pulls out before their first round match with a pre-existing injury then they still get the prize money and a lucky loser gets to play the match. Therefore the crowed get for what they paid: a match.

Grand Slams don't currently do this but Novak & Roger (and also Johnny Mac) have both expressed the view that something should be done. Ironically, if it wasn't for the likes of Novak, Roger, Rafa, Andy, Stan, etc. first round losers wouldn't get such a hefty sum. A couple of years ago they in effect badgered Grand Slams to increase the money for first round losers, even though it meant a lesser increase in prize money for people like them who usually go a lot further. It will be interesting to see what, if anything is done. Given it happened in two matches involving two of the biggest names in the sport on Centre Court on the same day, I will be surprised if something isn't done.

Anyway, onto today. Well my top four are all playing today in their second round matches, as is Heather Watson. So that's definitely my day (and evening) taken up - all being well of course and providing there are no injuries *g* In fact Centre Court is, for me, where it's all happening today as Jo opens followed by Andy and then Rafa. Heather plays earlier so I should get to watch her as well and Petra's match hasn't yet been 'courted'.

I am expecting a really good day and of course hoping for the 'right' results *g* Andy could be in danger today, especially given the hip injury he is carrying, as his opponent is a dangerous one given his flamboyant and unorthodox style of play and the fact that he plays his best at slams, has  knocked out top players before, seems to have no fear about playing on the big stage and is a crowd favourite. He's not a favourite of mine, I can't say I care that much for him - but I admit he does indeed have flare and is very unpredictable, seemingly unfazed by anything, entertaining and isn't going to be daunted at all by playing the world number one and defending champion at home on the Centre Court at Wimbledon. It could be the match of the day (maybe even of the tournament). We'll see.

My fingers are duly crossed *g*
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