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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 01

Wimbledon 2017 starts today!

This makes me very happy (in fact it has already started on the outside courts). So we all know what I'll be doing for the next fortnight.

Somewhat annoyingly & frustratingly my two favourite males players (Rafa Nadal & Andy Murray) and my two favourite female players (Petra Kvitova & Jo Konta) are all playing on the same days.

All four start today - so for as long as they stay in the tournament all four will (until the quarter finals) be playing on the same days. This will mean there will be times (many, I imagine) when I will have to choose between them as far as match watching goes. It's a great shame they aren't spread out a bit more.

Never mind; I'm sure I'll manage.

Interestingly and both strangely and a tad worryingly, given how wonderful the courts at Wimbledon usually are, the court the match I'm currently watching is on, looks to be in pretty poor condition. It looks as though it's been played on for a few days already; the grass is already eaten up and it's bare in places. Very odd for Wimbledon (especially as we are talking about Court No. 3). Hmmmm.
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