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LJ 18th Anniversary

Today is LJ's 18th anniversary and it is a bitter-sweet day.

It's lovely that it is still going. However, it's more than a little sad given what has happened recently and with the number of people in general and friends in particular either up sticks and moving lock, stock & barrel to DW or cross-posting, but stating that their main place is DW.

I still haven't taken that step and I'm still in two minds as to whether I'm going to or not. I've always said I will stay with LJ until my friends & communities leave - well with so many doing that, maybe I am going to have to do that thing or at the very least cross-post and/or actually log onto & read DW on a regular basis.

I've never hidden the fact that I don't much care for DW for a variety of reasons and as far as I am aware (albeit I admit I haven't checked it out recently) all of those reasons still exist. I shall find time to toddle over to DW and have a look around and see if anything has changed/if any of the things I don't like about it have changed before I finally decide if I am going to take the step of cross-posting.

But for now even though it isn't the same place as when I first joined I shall still say: 'Happy 18th Anniversary LJ'.
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