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Wow. I'm impressed

Sadly, it's not that often these days I can honestly say 'well done, LJ' and 'I'm impressed'. However, today I can say both.

I received an email earlier (obviously machine generated) telling me one of my custom user heads would be expiring. It's the one I use in the winter (apart from in December) and I like it and wanted to renew it. So off I toddle to the LJ shop and start to go through the user heads (it would be so nice if you could set up an automatic renewal of them, but I digress).

I go though the six pages and can't find it. I go through it again and I still can't find it. I try one more time (I can be determined *g*) but no, it really wasn't there (oh, I had increased the size of font/images on the page so I knew it wasn't there). I was somewhat miffed to be honest, especially as there wasn't any kind of substitute for it.

So I 'muttered darkly' and went back to the email and decided 'why not send them a reply' so I did, basically saying I'd love to renew it, but couldn't. Now I honestly didn't expect any kind of reply; I actually expected it to bounce or something as I doubted it would be read, given it was a machine generated email. A few minutes ago I got a surprise and even shock. Not only did I get a reply, but the reply apologised and told me they had reinstated the said user head! Not only that, they even told me what page I'd find it on. Yes, I had to read the email twice.

Okay, this is a tiny thing and in grand scheme of things not exactly important and yes, of course I could have done without it. And given all those things (plus the whole I didn't think anyone would see the email) I never expected anything. Thus, it has really not only come as a huge surprise but cheered me up considerably (yes small things can do that), made and brightened my day and given me a warm and fuzzy feelings.

So thank you, LJ for doing this small and in the grand scheme of things inconsequential thing. Than you for showing that you do care about your users.

Thank you!
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