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Pimping a story

Normally I don't post my individual NCIS stories to my journal, I simply post the links as a round-up each month. I don't want to clog up your f-lists, and most (if not all) of my NCIS friends are on ncis_gibbsducky, and so see the stories there.

However, this is a little different, and I'd like to shamelessly pimp a story, one that has been written by several members of the ncis_gibbsducky Community. It is a kind of round robin, one that began quite by accident, and grew all by itself. Unlike a lot of round robins, each part of the story is complete in itself, and yet the story hangs together equally well as one longish (circa 8,700 words) offering.

It's called Noticing and was written by myself, periwinkle27, toomuchfandom, k1mono and lonelywalker.

Although it is a Gibbs/Ducky established relationship slash story, apart from one tiny scene (at the very end) I would rate it as G.

Summary:  The story is basically written, in separate parts, from the POV of all the major characters. Jethro and Ducky believe that none of the team are aware of the true nature of their relationship. Then, independently they realise that Jimmy has in fact noticed, but they are confident that no one else has; they both choose not to tell the other of their 'discovery'. However, one by one the team share their thoughts on the nature of the relationship between the two men. Finally, Jethro and Ducky both realise that maybe they were incorrect in their summation.
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