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LJ Changes, Part Two

Back in April I made this post about proposed changes to the LJ User Information page, and I know that a lot of people were not happy with the idea and expressed their displeasure.

A week or so ago I discovered on permmembers that they had tweaked it, but again people felt it was still cluttered and unusable. At that time there appeared to be nowhere to go to comment on it.

This morning I found, via maubast and blktauna, further information.

You will have noticed the changes LJ has made to the 'customise' page, but you may not know that another change is on the way.

If you want to see what your new user page will look like, add ?ver=ng to the URL for your profile and take a look.

For example:

It doesn't look too bad on the above, but if you check it out with your own User Information page, or go to mine:, you'll see that once you start adding graphics and stuff to it, it doesn't (IMHO) look nice at all.

Apparently, there will be an option to turn this off, (hey, they did listen to suggestions, which is good to hear). However, if you don't like the new look (as well as other changes that have been made recently), go here and sign the petition. I don't suppose it will make one whit of difference, but there's no harm trying.
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