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Are they are poetry experts on my f-list?

My mother is trying to track down the title and author of a poem she learnt at school about fifty years ago.

She's searched Google, as have I. I've also tried other search engines, but all to no avail. I said I'd ask some friends to see if they could help so, here goes.

The first verse (or as close as Mother can remember it, as she says it has been fifty years *g*) is:

Where do the gypsies come from?
The gypsies come from Egypt,
The fiery sun begat them,
Their dam was the desert dry,
She lay there stripped and basking,
And gave them suck for their asking,
And an Emperor's bone to play with,
Whenever she heard them cry.

Or the first two lines it could be:

Where did the gypsies come from?
The gypsies came from Egypt.

I've tried both; I've tried gypsies and gipsies, I've tried phrases from each line, but nada, zilch, nothing.

Can anyone help me put Mother out of her misery, please?

Thank you in advance.

NB: My email is down at the moment ::sigh:: I can send stuff, I can happily surf the web, but I am not receiving email, so if I'm not answering comments sent after about 4:00 p.m. yesterday, that is why.
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