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You Are Poetic

You are a naturally expressive person and a wonderful storyteller. You love writing and talking to others.
You have an incredible memory for both facts and feelings. When you recall your own past, it's like you're reliving it.

You are polite because you aren't the type to step on anyone's toes. You don't like to cause much of a fuss.
You mourn the erosion of manners in our culture, and you want to do your best to preserve them.

You are old-fashioned in that you truly value human connection. People are what matter most in life.
You think we should focus more on shared experiences and emotions. The world would be a better place if we all expressed ourselves a little more.

Hmmm. Not totally correct. But not totally off either.

Yes, of course I love writing (although stories not in letters to people)*g* Not to much talking to others - well not face-to-face talking anyway *g* I do have a pretty good memory for facts and feelings, but wouldn't say recalling the past is a case of reliving it.

I like to think I'm polite and I will go out of my way to avoid causing a fuss, etc. And I certainly to bemoan the erosion of manners.

Now the final paragraph doesn't really seem to fit me. Of course I believe that people matter and my family and close friends are jolly important to me. But I'm not sure I believe we should all focus on our emotions. Having said that I do think that things would at times be far simpler if we did say what we thought rather than go around on tip toe the entire time.
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