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I should really be catching up on my email, but this looked so interesting that I was lured into doing it :-)

Seen on juleself's journal.

What is your alias?

Hmm, better make that aliases.

In NCIS, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Sapphire & Steel, I write under the name Ashleigh Anpilova
In The Professionals, I write under the name Darby Brennan. I have also had a few stories published under the name NH.
In Due South, The Sandbaggers and any other fandom, I write in my name is Nikki Harrington. Although, I have had a few Due South stories published under the name Donita Vonette.

How did you choose it?


Ashleigh Anpilova was chosen to tie in with David McCallum/Illya Kuryakin, as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was the first show that I wrote in under this name. 'Ashleigh' is the more common (at least in my experience) female version of Ashley, and ties in with the character Eric Ashley-Pitt who David McCallum played in The Great Escape. 'Anpilova' is a Russian name. And the email address I use for this alias is French for 'steel'; Steel is the character DMc played in Sapphire & Steel.

Darby Brennan was chosen as I wanted a name that used the D and B of Bodie and Doyle, and as both names (and certainly Bodie) have Irish connotations, I chose an Irish name for it. The email address I use for this name is French for 'sunshine', which is their pet name for one another.

Nikki Harrington is the name I use generally in fandom. That really came about when I first got into fandom and solo advised me not to use my real name. For a while I played around with Enigma, which kind of summed me up quite well, but it didn't really work for me. I was discussing names with solo and another mutual friend and ended up telling them the story of how my parents were convinced I was going to be a boy and how they were going to name me Nicholas. They were so convinced that they hadn't chosen a name for a girl. Thus when I turned up, they were shall we say surprised and for some reason couldn't choose a name. Now I have asked Mother several times why they simply didn't go with Nicola or Nicole, the female versions of Nicholas, but she's never really given me an answer - maybe they just didn't think of it. Who knows. Anyway, my friends suggested Nikki and also that it would be nice to have a surname to go with it and as Harrington sounded very British and quite formal, I should go with that. So I did.

NH is simply the letters of Nikki Harrington.

Donita Vonette was chosen for Due South, simply to continue my then custom of having a different name in each fandom in which I wrote. The name is Italian and I wanted an Italian connection and liked the name. The email I used with this alias means 'lone wolf', the tie in being with Diefenbaker.

What fandoms do you write for currently?

NCIS - Gibbs/Ducky
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya
Sapphire & Steel - Silver/Steel
The Professionals - Bodie/Doyle
Due South - Fraser/Vecchio

What fandoms have you written for in the past?

Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch

I've also written a The Sandbaggers (Neil/Willie), a Raffles story (Raffles/Bunny), and a couple of Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel The Series stories (Buffy/Angel and a gen Giles & Wesley)

What fics are you currently working on?

If I answer this in full, I'll be here all day :-) I have ::coughs:: more than a few WIPs. (No, I am not going to tell you exactly how many, it's too embarrassing

However, mostly I am writing NCIS at the moment, as well as ten completed yet-to-be-posted stories, I have started:

A songfic story for ncis_gibbsducky latest challenge
A post Red Cell story
Their first meeting story
A jealous Gibbs story
A Ducky has been kidnapped story
A Gibbs goes undercover in a gay club story
A story about Shannon and Kelly
A Ducky is arrested story
A couple more post Hiatus stories

Oh and also the third part of my NCIS/MFU crossover series.

Non-NCIS stories

A Sandbaggers story for rare_pair's Seven Deadly Sins challenge.

And a kind of sequel to The Seduction Of Steel.

Started I also have lots of Pros and MFU stories and a handful of dS stories.

What is your deepest darkest fic-writing secret?

Er. I don't plan my stories. Is that deep or dark? I don't think so, nor is it a secret. Although having said I don't plan as such, I do often play out a scene or two in my head before I write it down. Oh, also I hate, loath and detest the whole editing process. I do know it's important, but I hate it. (But again, it isn't a secret).

Do you have any quirks/habits in your writing?

My stories always have to end happily, even if they are death stories (by that I mean that both of the pairing are dead by the end of the story). My couple are in love and love one another and not afraid to show it. They say 'I love you'. They like to kiss, touch and aren't that keen on anal penetration. I write far more established relationship stories than I do first time stories.

Other than that... Er. I pretty much write directly onto the computer one hundred percent of the time. I might scribble down the odd note, word, phrase in the middle of the night, but given how awful my handwriting is it's a good job that I don't write longhand. As I do hate the whole editing process, I tend to write pretty tightly, although I also write quickly. However, I won't agonise over a word, if it won't come then I'll pop in xxxxx and come back to it. I'll do the same if I need to check some fact or other and don't want to break the creative flow.

Do you have an OTP?

Oh, yes. I'm an OTP kind of gal. I have one for each fandom in which I write.

NCIS - Gibbs/Ducky
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya
Sapphire & Steel - Silver/Steel
The Professionals - Bodie/Doyle
Due South - Fraser/Vecchio
The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie

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