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Well it only took eleven years

When I was growing up my grandma used to make wonderful fudge (well she called it fudge). It was somewhat different from all other fudge I ever had when growing up and when grown up as it was slightly hard rather than soft and often almost gooey fudge which seemed to be the norm. Also, it wasn't as sickly sweet as fudge can often be.

I loved this fudge and would have loved to have been able to make it. However, there never was a recipe. Nanny, like so many of her generation never used a recipe in her life - nor did she weigh or measure anything, so how to make it died with her.

Ever since I have sought this kind of fudge out, to no avail. Yes, there have been times when something has come close (a small shop in Dunster, Somerset had some rather nice fudge, but it wasn't quite like Nanny's).

Finally, I have found some! Only it's not called 'fudge' it's called 'tablet' and is apparently the Scottish version of fudge. I'm sure it exists in other parts of the UK, but it only took me eleven years to come across it up here - and then it was purely by chance.

It's my godmother's birthday this coming week and for once I wasn't organised and didn't have a pressie in stock (I do have some presents for this Christmas *g* but nothing for Auntie R's birthday). I asked J to get me something in the sweet line when he was in Tesco's and he got a box of tablet (Mrs Tilly's tablet to be exact). In the end we decided it would actually cost more to post than to buy. So after a bit of digging I did find something she would really like and we decided to keep the box of tablet.

And of course, as one does, we tried it and that was when I discovered this was clearly what Nanny made. I don't know if tablet is generally less sickly sweet than a lot of fudge can be or if it's particular to Mrs. Tilly's range - but it really is jolly scrummy. We kindly 'allowed' Mother to try a bit and she agreed with me that it was indeed just like Nanny used to make. I really would recommend Mrs. Tilly's tablet.

I wonder what else I can discover after eleven years of living in Scotland *g*
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