Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

Six of the best

I thought I'd share some of my TV favourites in batches of six.

FAVOURITE UK TV SHOWS INVOLVING REAL PEOPLE (I'm not talking about reality TV like Big Brother or that kind of thing. Just things that involve real people.)

01. Pointless/Pointless Celebrities
02. Eggheads
03. Dragons' Den
04. MasterChef the Professionals/MasterChef/Celebrity MasterChef
05. Location, Location, Location
06. The Great British Bake-Off

CURRENT FAVOURITE UK TV SERIES (I'm afraid I couldn't get to six for this)

01. Midsomer Murders
02. Lewis
03. Doctor Who

PAST FAVOURITE UK TV SERIES (It's really, really hard to only pick six)

01. The Professionals
02. New Tricks (Series 1-9)
03. Foyle's War
04. Pie in the Sky
05. Colditz
06. Kingdom


01. Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minuter
02. Jeeves & Wooster
03. Waiting for God
04. Jam and Jerusalem
05. Are You Being Served
06. Blackadder


01. Alexander Armstrong
02. Richard & Alexander (Pointless)
03. Jeremy Vine
04. John & Gregg (MasterChef)
05. Mel & Sue (The Great British Bake-Off
06. Kirsty & Phil (Location, Location, Location)


01. NCIS
02. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
03. M*A*S*H
04. Hill Street Blues
05. Babylon 5
06. The West Wing
Tags: !memes/quizes, tv presenter: jeremy vine, tv presenter: john & gregg, tv presenter: kirsty & phil, tv presenter: mel & sue, tv show: are you being served?, tv show: bablyon 5, tv show: blackaddder, tv show: btvs, tv show: colditz, tv show: doctor who, tv show: dragons' den, tv show: eggheads, tv show: foyle's war, tv show: gbbo, tv show: hill street blues, tv show: jam & jerusalem, tv show: jeeeves & wooster, tv show: kingdom, tv show: lewis, tv show: location location location, tv show: m*a*s*h, tv show: midsomer murders, tv show: new tricks, tv show: pie in the sky, tv show: pointless, tv show: the professionals, tv show: the west wing, tv show: waiting for god, tv show: yes prime minister, tv star: alexander armstrong, tv star: richard osman, tv: general

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