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Older Not Dead Promptathon #23 is open for prompts

older_not_dead, the multi-fandom, multi-pairing (slash or het), 'love for the over 40s', Promptathon Community is now taking prompts for its twenty-first Promptathon. As with our previous challenges both stories and artwork (icons, banners, etc.) are permitted.

It's a Community that's a mixture of the usual challenge promptathons/ficathons/commentathons/storyathons - with one exception.

The exception is that each half of the pairing, in the stories/artwork, has to be aged forty or older. It doesn't mean that they have to be forty in the television series, film, book, whatever, just that in the story/artwork they both have to be over forty.

Both slash and het pairings from any and all fandoms will be welcome.

The theme for Promptathon 23 is:


I know not everyone likes or wants to write AUs, hence the addition of the term AR. I added AR because, let's be honest, anything that isn't hard and fast canon can constitute an alternative reality as opposed to an alternative universe.

So the prompts for each paring can be set in another time or place. For example, people from the wild west are suddenly in space or in Victorian London. Or you can keep things pretty much canon based but change something, be it big or small. For example two people who in canon met at school actually only meet on the job.

Basically the sky is the limit here. Just have fun!

Prompts (as many as you wish) may be submitted from now until 28th January and the actual promptathon will begin on 1st February and run throughout the entire month of February.

Full details can be found here. Please post any prompts on the older_not_dead community and not here.

And please remember despite the name being an NCIS term the community is NOT an NCIS specific one, it is open to all fandoms and all pairings.

Please feel free to pimp this on your own LJ or in communities if you wish to do so.
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