Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

Tennis Prediction

With the Australian Open about to start, I thought I'd make a prediction for this year.

This is not a prediction I wish to make, especially as it 'cuts out' my two favourite players (and will annoy plutos_revenge, which isn't something I do lightly *g*). However, it really is what I feel will happen.

My prediction is that Novak Djokovic will have another stellar year; in fact it will be a super-stellar year.

I predict that in 2016 he will win all four slams (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon & the US Open). Thus doing what no other man has done since Rod Laver: win all four slams in the same calendar year. Plus, he will win the gold medal at this years Olympic Games. Thus giving him the 'Golden Slam' which only Steffi Graf has done.

I am, however, more than happy to be proved wrong *g*

NB: I had actually made this prediction before the Australian Open draw came out, I just hadn't got around to posting it and despite Novak's tough looking draw I stand by it.
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