Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

A quiz from a different place

It's from Classic FM *g*

Can we guess your spirit animal based on your taste in music?


If there's Mozart in town, you'll be there like a, well, like a swallow. The elegant melodies and ornamentation of the Classical era is what makes your heart soar. Anything before is a bit, well, early and anything after… *shudder*

Interestingly, Mozart is my favourite classical composer.

However, I'm not quite as stuck in the classical era as this shows me to be. I do like earlier and later as well. Not all, but then I don't like 'all' of anything really. (Not even if it involves Alexander as I really don't care for his stuff with Ben Miller *Smiles*)

Discover your spirit animal based on your musical taste.
Tags: !memes/quizes, nikki: music, tv star: alexander armstrong

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