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As I've been sharing my trials and tribulations about this beastie over the last week or so, I thought I'd share the fact that it is now successfully up and working.

If anyone would like to have a look it's at: Partners Forever.

I have to say (rare for me to do so, I know) that I am actually quite chuffed with it. Okay, it's nothing special or fancy, but it is my first ever attempt at a site, or indeed anything like it.

There isn't that much up there that hasn't been posted to my LJ over the last eighteen months. However, there are a few The Professionals stories from older zines that haven't yet appeared on The Circuit Archive. And in the not too distant future I shall put some of my early Starsky & Hutch stories up as well.

Apart from stories, and my Old Friends And Lovers Gibbs/Ducky ship_manifesto essay, most other pages are still 'under construction'.

I decided to get up what was ready on the grounds that if I didn't, I'd keep on tweaking and constructing and procrastinating and it would never get up there.

As far as in what order the stories should be listed, I decided to go with chronological with most recent first (after I'd sub-divided into 'stand alones', 'sequels', etc.). And I did decide against a summary/warning page. Each story has a brief summary (including date written and word count) which does I'm afraid (it just seemed the easiest thing to do for now) include any warnings, and that summary is repeated at the top of each story. So hopefully I have covered as many bases as possible. And as J keeps saying, nothing is set in stone and I can tweak and play to my heart's content.

Finally, I just like to say 'thank you' for all the help, support and hugs you've given me during this project, I really do appreciate it.
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