Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

Well there you go *g*

You Should Have Been Born in the Winter

You are a naturally reserved and quiet person. You enjoy your company more than anyone else's.
You are very loyal and true to those who know you well. You have your friends' best interests at heart.

You are never petty or superficial. You don't like your time wasted with negativity when there is so much right in the world.
You are likely to be a hard worker and very creative. You can spend hours at a time working on your favorite projects.

You tend to be picky about who you're friends with. You are looking for true friendship - not acquaintances or buddies.
You have a perfectionistic side that tends to dominate your life. You can't stand it when anyone makes mistakes, including you.

What can I say? This is pretty much spot on.

It's not quite 100% as I know full well that everyone makes mistakes - although I mind it less when others do than when I do *g* Other than that though . . .

And it ties in perfectly with the fact that pretty much every meme/quiz I have done which involves my birth date is completely inaccurate. I should have been born in winter not summer *Nods*
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