Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

I don't even have to say his name

Hee. J does know me so well. This is part of our conversation over our boiled eggs this morning.

Me: Who is Max in The Sound of Music?

J (Looking at me in surprise): The Sound of Music? (Sounding as he looked.)

Me: Yes.

J: Is he whatshisname? Maximilian Von Trapp? Is that his name?

Me: I don't know. But he can't be him.

J: I don't know then. I've managed to avoid The Sound of Music over the years - which hasn't always been easy!

Me: Well, we'll be recording it on Christmas Day?

J (Staring at me as if I might grow a second head): What?! Just because you want to find out who Max is?

Me: No. Because of who is playing Max.

J (Having a light-bulb moment) Ah. So is it a film? A stage show? Or what?

Me: A stage show that's being filmed and shown on Christmas Day.

J: And Xander is playing Max. (Note the lack of question).

Me: Yes.

J: Maybe he's one of the Von Trapp children. Some of them are quite old.

Me: True, but Xander's forty-five. Now I know he acts like an excited, enthusiastic little boy at times (which he does), but I can't see him playing a teenager on stage!

J: No, I guess not.

Me: Oh, well, I'll have to Google it and find out who Max is. (Which I still haven't done. Not that looking him up will necessarily mean anything as apart from the general gist of it I can't say I actually know TSoM. I guess I probably saw it as a kid, but to be honest can't remember anything more than the broad outline).
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