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Book Reviews

The other day I read an article which was encouraging people to write book reviews not only because they were good for the author but because people bought books based on book reviews.

This had me going 'huh'? You see I don't buy books based on book reviews; to be honest I rarely (if ever) read book reviews. I buy books based on the author and the synopsis of the book. I don't care what other people think about the book, I know what I like and what I don't like and reading reviews aren't going to sway me. Plus, I'd far rather spend my time reading the book than ploughing through reviews. These days with a Kindle it's easier because at least you can download a sample so you don't, for the most part at least, end up wasting money on a book you don't like.

I do tend to read the reviews caffyolay and gilda_elise write and at times I have, thanks to what you have to say, headed over to Amazon to read the synopsis (if they don't quote it) and/or download a sample. However, if the book catches my attention I will download a sample/buy it no matter what Caffy and/or Gilda have to say about it, because when it comes down to it we are all different. We all have different tastes and whilst we might agree on many things, we won't agree on everything.

So I was wondering, am I alone in not reading reviews? Do people generally read book reviews and buy/borrow from the library books based on them or do they make their own decisions?

I won't do a poll as there are too many possible variables. However, a few of thing things I'm interested in are:

1. Do you read book reviews?

2. If yes do they have an impact on whether you are likely to buy/borrow the book?

3. If you don't read them, why don't you?

Thoughts, please, folk.
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