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Credit where credit's due

We are quick to criticise LJ; I'll hold my hand up and say I've done it many times. However, there are times when credit is due as well; this is one of those times.

Over the last week or so when I logged onto LJ on my tablet I noticed I had the horrible new layout and I couldn't change it to the old layout. I thought first of all it was just a 'bug' and then that this was LJ sneaking in the new design by the back-door.

However, I was wrong. I opened a support request a couple of days ago and got a very prompt and courteous reply, saying they had changed things for mobile users, but that there was an opt-out and the reply gave me a link to the relevant post in news which told me how to opt-out. I did that thing and I now have the old style layout back on my tablet.

So kudos to LJ for having the opt-out. Would an opt-in have been nicer? Yes, of course it would have been. But then maybe I'm odd insofar as I don't tend to treat my tablet as a 'mobile' device (which it clearly is), which is probably why I missed the information on news in the first place, whereas other mobile users probably like the 'cleaner' look.

So LJ are not trying to sneak the new layout onto us via the back-door. Thank you, LJ.
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