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The final quarter of 2015

I can hardly believe I have typed that. How can it be October already? How can we be in the final quarter of 2015? Where have the last nine month gone? Answers on a postcard, please *g*

Well I had planned on doing another thirty day meme during October, a fandom one which I have duly snaggled and stored away. However, due to one thing and another I have decided to postpone that until November, which will be nicer in a way as November only has thirty days, so the meme will fit perfectly *g* You know me and that kind of thing.

Thus October will be more of a meandering month as far as posting stuff here goes. I more than likely will do the odd (or more than odd) meme or two - has blogthings vanished or something? I haven't seen any new quizzes for ages now, or have I just missed them?

I shall also tell you of my goal between now and the end of the year. It's a simple one and it should be a fairly easy one (viruses permitting) to achieve. It's to complete my latest stories_a_z table (multiple pairings/characters in multiple fandoms). Given I only have three stories to write it really shouldn't be a challenge at all; in fact I should be able to complete it during October, especially as I do have several ideas for stories.

It would be nice if I could also complete my outstanding narrative_x_10 table which is Rupert Giles first person gen stories. I have five stories to write and whilst the number of stories isn't a problem, I haven't had any Giles story ideas for some time. I'm not going to put myself under pressure and add that to my above-mentioned goal, but I will say it would be nice if I could complete it.

I wonder how fast this last quarter will go?

*Wanders off to watch more of the current Adam Dalgliesh mystery I am watching*
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