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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 30

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 30

Well here we are: Day 30 - where has September gone to? I cannot believe it's been thirty days since I created and started this meme, but numbers don't lie.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about what makes me happy as much as I've enjoyed writing about the things (even if the last few days due to this virus I've had have been hard going). And I hope that some of them were new to some of you and that you learnt something new about me.

Thank you for all the various comments I've received and also thanks to those who have played along and done the meme, whether for all thirty days or just a few of them.

Now I know a couple of people at least (eyes caffyolay & plutos_revenge in particular) will be wondering if I did intend to include the person I'm writing about today - well I was and I have; I just thought it was fitting to save him until the last day *g*

Therefore I give you my last 'Thing that makes me happy'.


Actor, TV presenter, radio presenter, writer, singer, comedian, Alexander Armstrong, commonly known as Xander (pounced as you'd pronounce it in Alexander not the way it's pronounced in Buffy) is my current obsession and he makes me very happy indeed.

I first really came across Xander a couple of years or so ago when I came across Pointless, which was by pure chance. I happened to be channel hoping (one afternoon) as one does and came across this show I'd never seen before (despite it having been on for a few years). During the next few days I found myself actually watching bits of it and then of course I needed to know what the heck it was about so watched from the beginning (a sensible thing to do) and was well and truly hooked.

What really caught my attention during my channel hop was Alexander's voice. As many of you know I am very much a voice person; it's the first thing I notice in a person and I admit I do like a nice, well spoken voice. Xander has a wonderful voice (well to me he does), talk about being prepared to listen to him read the phone book - I really, really would. His voice alone can make me smile (pathetic, I know and don't care *g*). Added to that he is intelligent (a Cambridge graduate, in fact he and Richard Osman, his co-presenter of Pointless, met at Cambridge some twenty-seven years ago and have been friends ever since which shows through very clearly on the show) and is very easy on the eye *sighs happily*. Oh, and the quiz show is excellent too *g*

Actually my liking of Xander is quite new territory to me as I've never actually (again as some of you will know) followed a person before. For me it's always been about the character of a series and whilst I want to know everything I can about the character I never delve into the actor himself for fear I might learn something I really do not like. Even David McCallum of whom I am very fond I never really 'studied' as a person, and pretty much any series or film I have with him in it I would have anyway as I love the series or the film irrelevant as to him being in it. With Xander it's quite, quite different; I have done quite a lot of research into him and his background and everything and to be honest haven't learnt anything that troubles me. Actually, without exception everyone I've seen comment about him - and we are talking 'normal' people here not just his friends or other celebrities - says how nice and genuine and shy (you'd never guess) he is.

And from Pointless I started to watch and listen to pretty much everything Xander is involved in. I admit I don't really care for his comedy stuff with Ben Miller (yes, one of the biggest things of his career *g*) but there you go, you can't have it all. I find myself recording pretty much everything he does, well watching his bits *g* I even recorded Sunday Night At The Palladium earlier in the year as he was hosting it (and singing on it) and fast-forwarded (yes, you did read that correctly) through the bits he wasn't in, i.e. the actual acts *g*

Thankfully the TV and radio are really kind to me and feed my Alexander obsession on pretty much a daily basis *g* With a few exceptions (Wimbledon and Bank Holidays) Pointless airs every weekday and Celebrity Pointless (a really fitting name *g* and if J and I recognise three celebs in one edition it's good going - mind you neither of us follow celebs and I am not exactly known for recognising people (you can stop laughing now, plutos_revenge) airs on Saturdays for at least half the year and occasionally on Sundays too. However, even if we don't have Pointless at the weekend, I get my 'Xander fix' on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as he hosts a radio show on Classic FM each Saturday and Sunday. Plus, Challenge TV air old Pointless episodes (most of which I haven't seen) which I duly record each day and tend to settle down with one each afternoon. Plus, he is the voice of Classic FM's advert for their new 'service' Composed, he does the adverts, so I get to hear him most mornings before I get up. All in all it's good.

And Xander fans will do very well out of the next few months because he has a three part ITV series about his time in the Arctic together with an accompanying book; he is releasing his debute CD (he has a wonderful singing as well as speaking voice) and he has another Pointless book coming out which was co-written with Richard.

So, yes, Alexander Armstrong really does make me incredibly happy.

I shall now stop babbling like a teenager *g*
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