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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 26

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 26


J and I have quite a large collection of DVDs and we have more boxed sets of TV shows than we have films. It's a good thing we are both avid rewatchers as it would be jolly hard if we won't.

After we have watched Pointless of an evening if we haven't got any of our other shows (as mentioned yesterday) then we will watch an episode from a DVD, something we both really enjoy. We are currently watching Hill Street Blues which we both saw on TV decades ago, or at least saw parts of it, but this is our first watch on DVD - it won't be our last *g*

Some (I won't bore you by listing them all) of the shows we love and regularly rewatch are: NCIS, Buffy, The West Wing, M*A*S*H, Lewis, Midsomer Murders, Campion, Cribb, New Tricks, Gideon's Way, Pie in the Sky, Sapphire & Steel, The Sandbaggers, Poirot, Miss Marple (Joan Hickson), Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett), Jeeves & Wooster, Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister plus quite a few others.

Some of these we have seen a couple or three times, some are multiple rewatches. It doesn't matter though how many times we rewatch something, even if we know it well we still find something new to enjoy.

I have a few box sets I watch on my own, mainly my other fannish shows that J isn't really interested in. They are The Professionals, Starsky & Hutch, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Due South.

We really enjoy settling down in the evenings to watch our DVDs.
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