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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 25

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 25


Technically J and I don't watch any TV because we record everything we want to watch, even if we start watching it before it's finished recording. Yes, I know I can use the pause TV button, but we prefer the ease of recording.

Actually, that isn't strictly true because I do watch some live TV as I watch tennis. However, given it is live when I watch it, for some reason to my mind that doesn't count. Yes, yes, I know, that's weird, but there you go *g*

Apart from one show which we watch the evening we record it and one we watch with a cup of tea on the following afternoon (assuming we're up to date, which we aren't at the moment) we tend to watch most things the evening after we've recorded them. This is why I am eternally grateful to kind friends give never away the winners of cookery shows we all watch until I've watched them.

So what are our current favourites? Well, Pointless of course hosted by the lovely Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman; that is a daily staple and does get watched on the day it airs. Eggheads hosted by Jeremy Vine (another lovely man) this is the one we watch with our afternoon tea. MasterChef (in all three of its incarnations); The Great British Bake-Off (in both of its incarnations and Doctor Who. We do also like Lewis and Midsomer Murders; however given how many adverts are now on ITV (nothing like the US gets I know) we wait for the DVDs to watch these as we always buy them anyway. We also record some documentaries and one-off things that look interesting.

I also enjoy Location, Location, Location (with Kirstie and Phil) and record that to watch by myself as well as Two Tribes (which is a show Richard hosts by himself).

So not a vast number of things, we do tend to watch a lot of older shows from DVDs - but that's for another day.
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