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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 23

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 23


Another somewhat strange one, maybe, but there you go.

I have always had a quiet fascination for the moon and the way it changes in shape and size throughout its cycle. As a child it seemed magical as it went from a full circle to a sliver and back again. Even as an adult it still seems a little magical and so very beautiful.

I love looking at photos of the moon both real and fantasy ones and have quite a few icons of the moon. Because of our large skies and lack of light pollution in the area in which we live we really do get to see some beautiful moons. Sometimes when the moon isn't full we can still see the faint outline of the full moon, it's quite spooky as well as being lovely. In the winter we actually often get days when the moon remains long after the sun has come up - yet another almost magic sight.

I'd love to be able to take photographs of some of the beautiful moons we have but my digital camera isn't powerful enough, plus I'm not a good enough photographer to do it justice.I find the moon very peaceful and so beautiful.
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