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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 18

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 18


I really enjoy doing research, whether it's for a story, or something that has been mentioned on a quiz show or indeed any other show J & I watch or just something that has come up in conversation. I get a great deal of satisfaction in looking things up.

Whether it's as simple as a single word or term dates of universities or where something is or something really detailed like a culture or a tradition, it's all good. Take the other day for example I had completely forgotten the word that meant the opposite of 'salutation' and really needed it for a story, so I did a quick Google of 'opposite of salutation' and found the word I wanted.

Over the years I've done quite a bit of research for stories. Most have been fairly small things, however, I did write a series of stories which involved me researching holiday traditions. Some of my Gibbs/Ducky readers may remember my Occasions Universe stories where Ducky told stories to either just Gibbs or to the whole team about various occasions such as Burns Night, St. George's Day, Christmas traditions, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. They were great fun to research and I learnt a lot.

I used to do research via books. However, like so many people these days I turn to the Internet for stuff. And yes, of course I know you can't trust everything you find. However, I do tend to use more than one site to verify things I have found and if something really sounds 'off' I can turn to books or ask J who has a vast knowledge of 'inconsequential' things.

The only slight problem with asking J is that (as anyone married to or the child of a teacher will know) you tend to get more information than you want at that precise time *g* He even once, when I was writing a story that involved a sailing boat, something I know nothing about, but he used to sail, actually drew me a labelled diagram so that I could get the terms correct for the story, which then led to stories of his own so the writing of the story got delayed by a day *g* But his stories were actually useful and I found I could use a snippet in another story.

I just really enjoy research; I don't find it tedious or a pain; I really enjoy doing it and learning new things and it makes me happy to do so.
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