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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 15

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 15


How can it not make me happy? I wouldn't know any of you if it wasn't for fandom and my life would be a lot duller and not as good or enjoyable.

I was so delighted when I first discovered fandom to know I wasn't odd and alone and there were other people out there who not only had the same thought as I did, but also wrote about it. I'm not as intensely involved with fandom these days as I once was, but I still do enjoy being involved, reading stories, having discussions, etc. etc. even if they aren't as in-depth as they once were.

Fandom is a great place to be, it really is. Yes, at times it can irritate and not everyone is happy to play nicely with other people and it can get exasperating, but those things and times really in the grand scheme of things are minor occurrences. For the most part people do play nicely together and respect one another's views. I really wouldn't want to be without it.

Another nice thing about it is the way people support one another even over things that aren't fannish related. Fans are there for other fans and will go out on a limb to help one another be it as simple as a virtual hug or to give money to help with medical costs, etc. We have a connection that goes above and beyond the fandoms in which we are involved.

I've had many, many, many, many happy times in fandom and I hope to go on having many happy times.
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