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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 12

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 12


The sea, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, even streams and ponds. I love water.

There is something about it to which I can really connect. I love when it's still, when it's moving, crashing waves, torrents pouring down, it's all good. Even with the most amazing waterfall or angry sea I find a kind of peace in water.

If I could improve in one way on where we live it would be to be able to see water. I'd prefer the sea, which is my favourite kind of water, but even a river or stream would be nice. We do have a river fairly near to us, J and Lacey often walk down to it, but I can't see it from our home.

When we were house-hunting we did find a lovely place that had a sea view from several windows and was perfectly placed so as to be far enough away to know you safe from waves, but near enough to see and smell it and get the benefit of sea breezes. However, sadly the property was opposite an abattoir, which really did not appeal to me and actually on more careful thought the layout of the property wouldn't have suited us. Oh, that view . . . I can still remember it.

I also, maybe oddly, love rain too. It makes everything so fresh and clean - although I rather think the farmers up here have had more than enough of it this summer; it has been particularly wet (even for Scotland). I really enjoy watching it come down and hearing it on the windows and seeing it make leaves and trees shimmer and I like seeing puddles ripple. It's all so lovely.

Thinking about water, especially the sea or a waterfall makes me feel peaceful and makes me smile.

(Oh, and I love water to drink as well, it's actually my favourite soft drink *g*)
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