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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 09

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 09


Reading is my second favourite hobby and it makes me really happy.

I've been an avid reader all my life. There's something magical about getting involved in a book, in meeting and learning about the characters and going on a journey with them and enjoying their ups and downs. As a kid in particular I really did fit with the 'if there's nothing else to read I'll read the back of the cereal packet', as I'd pretty much always have to have something to read be it a book or a comic if I didn't have time to read a chapter or even part of a chapter.

I'm an eclectic reader, although my favourite genre is crime/detective/mystery books I also read romance, chic-lit, fantasy, a bit of sci-fi, some children's books, fanfic (of course *g*) a few autobiographies and other non-fiction books, although I do have a strong preference for fiction over non-fiction. For some reason I'm not a huge fan of historical novels or so called classics, but again have read quite a few over my life time.

I am also a big re-reader. As much as I love discovering new books, I do also like the comfort of the known - not that I always remember 'who-dunnit' in crime books I re-read. I know there are thousands of books out there I should be reading rather than re-reading what I know and love, but I do enjoy a good re-read. In fact if I buy a book and it turns out to be a 'read once' I'm always disappointed and see it as a bit of a waste of money.

I read mainly in bed in the morning before getting showered whilst drinking a cup of tea and fussing Lacey and in the evenings when I go to bed. I tend to be in bed any time between 8:00 and 9:00 and have a nice long reading session then - bliss.

I am also of the 'it doesn't matter what people read as long as they are reading' school. I have a strong dislike for book snobs who claim the only good book is a classic and that light novels and fluffy romance are rubbish. Of course they are not; not to the people who read them and enjoy them.

When I worked in a library the most popular books, the ones most people gathered around were the Mills & Boon romances - and they were read by a huge variety of women or varying intellects, ages and professions. The trolley with M&B books on used to be the easiest to take out as the customers would grab it and shelf the books for you *g*

Read what makes you happy and don't be ashamed of what you love to read are my mottoes. Don't let anyone make you feel ashamed of what you love to read.
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