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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 08

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 08


What can I say? Writing makes me very, very, very happy. It is important to me and my favourite hobby.

I enjoy creating scenarios, I enjoy the actual writing process (I don't enjoy the editing process but that has to be done) and I enjoy the finished product. I also enjoy rereading my stories. I love getting involved in the world I'm creating and giving life to words and having fun with the characters and putting them through various things, both good and bad.

I've always, for as long as I can remember, written and always enjoyed doing so. However, until I discovered fanfic some sixteen years ago I never had an outlet for it. I've always enjoyed writing in the various fandoms in which I've written and always enjoyed writing. However, these days I can honestly say it makes me happier than it ever has, mainly because over the years I've written less and less for other people and more for myself. These days, with the exception of when I'm doing my Alphabet Meme when I do my best to craft the story to suit the person for whom I'm writing, I write totally for myself - and I love doing so.

I can totally lose myself in the story I'm writing and get such pleasure from it. Even when I'm not actually physically writing, I am often running through scenes in my head - oh, for a way to be able to project my thoughts straight onto the computer *g*

I try to write every day, even if it's only a thousand words or so. I don't always manage it, but again I worry less about it if I don't actually write anything for several days and don't feel that I have to write. There's really no pleasure if you're doing it because you feel you have to, especially when actually you don't have to.

Writing keeps me sane *laughs softly* Well, I guess I should saner than I would be otherwise. It's a lovely way to spend time and gives me a sense of well-being, accomplishment and contentment. I just love it.
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