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A bit of a moan

I love my Kindle, I really, really do. I can't imagine life without it now, I really can't. It's just so useful and wonderful to hold and read from - I am an utter and total convert and wouldn't want to give it up.

However, as much as I love it I really do get peeved at times when it comes to the price of books for it. Take the new Daisy Dalrymple book which was published at the beginning of this month (waves to caffyolay). Now J and I both really, really enjoy these books and today I thought I'd buy it.

Well I did until I saw the price! It's £9.00 - yes, £9.00 for something that isn't even tangible. And if that isn't bad enough the paperback is only £6.00 and the hardback £15.00. Why then would I pay £9.00 for something that isn't 'real'?

I'd be quite prepared to pay the same price as the paperback, even if it's a bit high. I love the series and want to read this book - but I am not paying £9.00 for it. I'm really not. And even if I was tempted or feeling frivolous, I wouldn't after seeing a couple of reviews which say how poorly the Kindle edition has been produced/proof-read.

These days there is no excuse, none whatsoever for producing a poor Kindle book. Heck I can (and do) produce books which do not contain all kinds of proofing/editing issues, which are perfectly put together without huge gaps in the text or words that run into one or have breaks at the oddest of places and I don't have the resources the publishing houses have. It's a very poor show overall.

I shall not be buying the book until it has come down in price. And the same applies to the latest Rivers of London book (due out in November) which is on pre-order at a price of £10.00. Here the paperback is £8.00 and the hardback £15.00. *Sighs*

Of course I could by the paperback, but I don't want the paperback, I want it on Kindle. Firstly because it's much easier and more comfortable for me to read and secondly because I have the other twenty-one books on Kindle and I don't mix and match *g*
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