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Wimbledon 2015 Day 15

Well that's it, folks. Wimbledon is over for another year - what am I going to do with my time now? Yes, I know catch up on the things that I haven't done over the last fortnight *eyes inbox* Mind you J only has four days of 'peace' as at the weekend we have three more days of tennis as GB take on France in the Davis Cup -yay!

So what happened on the final day of Wimbledon?

Well, my prediction was correct, Novak Djokovic did indeed win and lift his third Wimbledon trophy and ninth grand slam.

It was a good match, it was a jolly good match, but it wasn't one of their epics. It went to four sets but in truth really it should have been over in straight sets as Novak failed to take seven set points - although to be fair most of those weren't him failing to take them but Roger coming up with the goods when he really needed them and stopping Novak from taking them. I think most people were wondering what would happen in the third set, would Novak be able to pick himself up on failing to take those set points? Would Roger's game rise to an even higher level? Novak did indeed pick himself up breaking Roger and going on to hold his serve to take the third before another early break in the fourth and then a final break to take the match.

There were some amazing points played, some were the best I've seen these two ever play, points that had you thinking 'Did I just see that'? 'Did he really just get that ball back'? How the hell did he get that ball back'? Some great serves, rallies, saves, the lot. But when it came down to it, Novak just had a bit too much for Roger who by the time it got to the fourth set was just that tiny bit slower and appeared to have lost a bit of his mental edge as each of his brilliant shots was coming back with interest. However, at the end of the day it was another match that was won not lost - Roger played, I think, the best he could on the day, against the opponent he was playing. It just wasn't quite good enough.

However, early on in the match I believed it could have been quite, quite different. Roger definitely started the better of the two of them and broke first. In fact I was seconds away from DM'ing plutos_revenge to say 'your boy in three', at that point I honestly did believe Roger would win and do so in straight sets. He really did seem that on fire, that good, even when Novak broke straight back I still felt my prediction of a Novak win would be wrong. And in truth Roger played better in the first set than Novak. But the scoring in tennis is such that you can play an entire set better than your opponent does and still lose the set.

The match rounded Wimbledon off really well. I enjoyed it and it was nice to see two competitive singles' finals both of which were won, not lost.

In the mixed doubles Martina Hingis rolled back the years and did the double by lifting her second trophy of the weekend playing with Leander Paes - they didn't just beat their opponents they rather annihilated them in under an hour.

I really have enjoyed this fortnight.
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