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Wimbledon 2015 Day 13

Well once again I was fifty percent right, thus fifty percent wrong with my predictions yesterday *g*

I was correct in saying Novak would win. However, I was wrong in saying that Andy would win :-(

Neither match was a classic or even particularly long as both were won in straight sets. However, that set despite them both being straight sets, neither match was a walk over. Both were a lot closer than the score line implied. Andy and Richard Gasquet both played really well, superbly so at times. However, when it came down to it both Novak and Roger were far better and both of them thoroughly deserved to win. It does set up a potentially mouth-watering match for tomorrow - a replay of last year's final.

Today is the ladies' final. I hope it's a good match, but fear it won't be. So much is going to depend on Garbine Muguruza and on how she handles the occasion. It's her first time in a grand slam final and logic says nerves and the whole occasion are going to get to her. Okay, she didn't show many nerves during her first ever grand slam semi final. But a final (especially given it's Wimbledon which is the slam apparently all player want to win over any other, is somewhat different.

However, if she can get a hold on her nerves and the whole sense of occasion, it could be a good match, even a close one. Garbine did beat Serena at last year's French Open. Again, it's different as it was in the rounds and on clay, but even so. She knows how to beat her. I'm not hopeful that she will, although I'd love it if she did. However, I do hope she can come out of the match knowing she did her best and that she plays good tennis and we get a good match - three sets would be nice.

Today is also the men's doubles final with Jamie Murray, so a Murray brother could lift a Wimbledon title. And the ladies' doubles finals which features Martina Hingis who last played in a grand slam final some seventeen years ago - which is quite something.

My predictions for the ladies' final:

Serena Williams vs. Garbine Muguruza - Serena Williams
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