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Wimbledon 2015 Day 11

It's been twenty years since the top four seeds in the men's draw all got into the semi finals; it will now be at least another year as yesterday Richard Gasquet put out Stan Wawrinka in five closely fought sets.

On paper, given Stan was the fourth seed and Gasquet the twenty-first, it does appear to be a huge shock. However, in reality (which is where matches are played) it isn't that big a shock. Gasquet is an excellent grass court player and tends to play well at Wimbledon, whereas Stan doesn't have the greatest record at Wimbledon, in fact I believe this is the furthest he has ever got.

I didn't see all the match as I was watching Novak Djokovic vs. Marin Cilic. However, I did see most of the final set and if the rest of the match was on par with that, it really was a jolly good match, a match that was won not lost. Both men deserved to win to be honest.

The other three matches were far more straightforward with Andy, Novak and Roger all dispatching their opponents in straight sets. Thus, I got three out of my four predictions correct.

So both Murray brothers are into semi finals. Jamie and his partner John Peers play their men's doubles semi final after the ladies matches and they have a jolly good chance of getting to the final. I really hope they do so.

Today is ladies' semi finals day. Not a great day, but hopefully there will still be some good tennis, even if I will have to watch the second match with the sound turned down as low as I possibly can manage whilst still being able to hear the commentary as both ladies shout/scream loudly on every point *sighs*

Now if I were in charge I would put a stop to it - it could be done, TPTB just won't try to do it. And yes, I'd do it on the men's side as well - they aren't quite as bad because even though they are as loud or even maybe louder at times than the ladies they aren't as shrill so it doesn't impact as much.

My predictions for the ladies' semi finals:

Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova - Serena Williams
(This will be the really noisy match)

Agnieszka Radwanska vs. Garbine Muguruza - Agnieszka Radwanska

(I hope Aga wins for two reasons. One because she's my favourite player left on the women's side and two because she has been to a Wimbledon final so she won't be as over-awed as Garbine will likely be thus it might be a decent, at least, final)
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