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Wimbledon 2015 Day 05

Well the 'no real upsets' stopped yesterday when Rafa was beaten by a player ranked in the 100s - Dustin Brown. Except in one way it wasn't a huge shock, a major upset, a huge disappointment for me, the fans and probably the tournament organisers - except it will make scheduling easier (see silver lining time *g*). However, given the last three Wimbledons and this year in general, it wasn't such a huge shock.

It's now the fourth year running that Rafa has gone out early to a triple digit rated player and I knew he was going out this year. After watching a mere three games I said to J 'Rafa's going out, so I'll toddle off to my bedroom and watch the match as I won't get to see him play again this year'. Thus, I wasn't constantly on edge and wincing and even wasn't that upset when he lost; I expected it.

It wasn't that he played badly, he didn't, not really. It was just that Brown played out of his skin, took Rafa's game away from him and totally outclassed him (am I a bad fan for being honest and not making excuses? I don't think so and that's what matters, isn't it?). I haven't seen Brown play a full match, just caught snippets of him, but wow, can he play - at least he could last night. In all honesty no one, not Stan, not Roger, not Andy, not even Novak, no one would have beaten the player who was on court last night; he really was unbeatable. Given his ranking and from what the commentators say his big issue is he really does run hot and cold; last night he ran hot. If he can run hot for the rest of the tournament then we could have the biggest upset since . . . Becker won????

So yes of course I'm disappointed and yes a bit upset, but not as much as I have been in the past or as I am when Rafa has lost a match he should have won. And I don't mean 'should have' because of his ranking, but should have because he was playing well enough overall to win, but failed to convert, capitalise, whatever. I shall still continue to enjoy Wimbledon.

On the up side, Andy and Roger both won as did Tsonga and Monfils, all good stuff.

And one of our other Brits, James Ward, did indeed win his match and played really, really well - well done, Wardy. Sadly Aljaz Bedene didn't get through, but he did have the tougher draw and I didn't expect him to get through.

On the women's side Petra, Aga, Caro and Jelena all came through - even if Jelena did it that hard way.

Today both Novak and Stan play, they could both be pushed by their respective opponents, but I'm not expecting an upset. Kyrgios and Dimitrov also play, so it should be another good day of tennis.

Heather Watson is up against Serena Williams on Centre Court; I just hope she can come out of the match knowing she played her best. I don't think the occasion or court will get to her as she's quite used to the big stage and British expectation. However, Serena will, I fear, be far too strong for her. Although, who knows, stranger things have happened *g* But I am not holding my breath.
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