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Alphabet Meme 2015 - All Done (Repost)

I posted this a few weeks ago, however, as there are a couple of people who still haven't acknowledged their story at all (which is very unlike either of them) and given that I know LJ does hide posts, I thought I'd post it again. I would hate those who haven't acknowledged their story to think I had just abandoned the meme. So if you requested a story and haven't seen it yet, it has been posted you'll find the link you need below.

All stories for the Alphabet Meme 2015 have now been posted.

I set myself a mental deadline (even though I didn't mention it) for having all the stories posted by the beginning of the French Open and I did indeed achieve that, although due to a really nasty bug which stopped me writing for about ten days, I really did cut if finely.

I also said that every story would be at least 2,000 words. It turned out that all of the stories were at least 2,500 words long.

In total I wrote twenty-six stories (one for each letter of the alphabet)

- 14 people
- 07 fandoms
- 14 characters/pairings
- 118,195 words written
- Length of shortest story: 2,530
- Length of longest story: 20,250
- Average length of story: 4,546
- First story posted 13th April
- Last story posted 23rd May 2015
- Number of days taken to complete all stories: 40 (but as I said above I did lose c. 10 days, so I'm very pleased with this)

- 03 Gen
- 03 Het
- 20 Slash

- 03 Gen
- 02 First Time Het
- 01 Established Relationship Het
- 07 First Time Slash
- 13 Established Relationship Slash

Agree To Agree. For doylebaby A - Agree to disagree
Victory For All. For doylebaby V - Victory

M*A*S*H (02)
Hidden Ones Are The Worst. For dont_hate_me01 B - Battle scars
Not Without Feelings Of Guilt. For sharpiesgal P - Poker night

NCIS (09)
Best Laid Plans (McGee/Palmer). For angstytimelord L - Lazy day
Doing It My Way (Ducky). For mrlnpndrgn N - Networking - demonstrating that you can get information without all those newfangled techno toys
I'm Not Telling Ducky (Gibbs & DiNozzo). For mrlnpndrgn W - Where did the boat go?
Jimmy's Problem (Ducky & Jimmy). For ami_ven I - Inheritance
Shaken Up (Gibbs/Ducky). For duckys_lady E - Everyday with you
Tony Or Breena (DiNozzo/Palmer). For sexycazzy Y - Yours
Undercover (DiNozzo/Ziva). For sagaluthien S - Sprayed on pants
What Matters Is Us (Gibbs/Palmer). For sexycazzy T - Trouble in paradise
Zero Tolerance (McGee/Palmer). For angstytimelord Z - Zero tolerance

Fairy Tale Of New York. For oasis3017 O - Once upon a time
Reservations. For oasis3017 J - Jealousy

Good Deeds Can Backfire. For doylebaby M - My hero
Quiet Nights Were The Worst. For sc_fossil Q - Quiet nights are the worst

Everything Has A First Time. For mrlnpndrgn Undercover Napoleon; first meeting
Locating The Key. For jkkitty K - Knitting
Moving On. For duckys_lady H - Home is wherever you are
Operation Glory. For thenightsfall G - Glory

Given I sure people can add up and someone as anal as me *g* just might do that thing - yes, I know there are only twenty-one links and the numbers for fandoms only add up to twenty-one. That was because the other five stories weren't actually posted here - but I assure you they were written and the recipient has them.

Thank you for requesting so many stories and for the great prompts. And thank you (again) to those who commented - I really do appreciate each and every comment very much.

It was great fun, once again, to write stories for people to their prompts. I'm sure I shall do this again next year.
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