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Smacks self around head

Ouch. That hurt!

I don't have many rule on my ncis_gibbsducky Community But one I do have is about putting all episode reviews and spoilers behind a cut. And everyone, I hasten to add, is good at that. So thank you all.

So who goes and breaks that rule for a few minutes this morning? Yep, their friendly Moderator. I mentioned my 'fix it' story yesterday when talking about current show canon, well it is now posted. Past, Present And Future, if anyone is interested. (Be warned: the story also contains spoilers).

I have a header template for the Comm for positing stories, that includes 'Summary'. So I do my summary and post it. Fine. Then I go into the kitchen to cut the bread and am suddenly hit by the 'OMG, the summary contains spoilers'. So much to the amusement of J and the confusion of Tansy, I leave the bread and hurry (I use the term 'hurry' loosely of course) to my office to fix things.

Of course then I had to explain why I'd suddenly vanished with a 'OMG'. J knows about my episode rule as I'd mentioned it the other day. But he couldn't quite get his head around why a story would contain a spoiler, until I explained it was an episode related story.

Oh, the fun of explaining fandom terms to a non-fandom person, who gets more bemused each time I tell him something. But as he's so wonderful about my interests, I don't mind his bemusement at all.

::Shakes head at self::
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