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You Should Take a Tea Break

You are an easygoing person, and while you still need breaks in your relatively calm life, you don't need a bolt of energy.
If anything, you are always looking for a little more space to clear your head. A bit of ritual always does you good.

You tend to be a steady soul, and you prefer change that is gradual. You avoid the ups and downs of life.
You aren't big on treats or special occasions as much as you are on living a good life. You try to make each day as good as you can.

I thought I'd get tea - even though I don't drink a lot of it; two mugs a day. Mind you I don't drink a lot of coffee either, one mug a day. Most of the time I drink water. But we do stop whatever we are doing for tea and biccies or the equivalent each afternoon.

This if pretty darn fitting even if I do say so myself.
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