Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

French Open - Day 14

Unsurprisingly Serena Williams did win the women's final, giving her twenty grand slam titles.

Somewhat surprisingly I actually rather enjoyed the match. I am not a Serena fan, I respect how well she plays tennis, but I'm not a fan and wasn't looking forward to the match. I thought it would be terribly one sided and to be honest for a set and a bit it was. However, suddenly Lucie started to play as she'd played all tournament and Serena's play dropped off a bit, partly because of how well Lucie was playing and almost before we knew it we were into the third set. I even dared to hope Lucie could hold her nerve and game and prevail. Sadly that wasn't to be, but it was one of the more competitive and enjoyable woman's finals for some time.

And today is the last day of this year's French Open, the fortnight does seem to have gone by dreadfully quickly.

We have the men's final: Novak Djokovic vs. and Stan Warwinka.

I've said it from day one (actually I've said it from long before day one) that Novak will win thus achieving his career grand slam and I see no reason to change my mind. I am looking forward to and expecting a jolly good, high quality match. I hope it's close and I think it should be.
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