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French Open - Day 13 (Part one)

Well I was correct about two things yesterday (maybe I'm getting better): firstly that both matches would go to at least four sets and secondly that Stan Wawrinka would win his semi-final clash against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Although it was a match Jo could (maybe even should) have won as he had seventeen break points and only took one of them.

It was a very enjoyable match, in some ways all the more enjoyable than a lot of matches because when it came down to it I like both players and really didn't mind who won. Yes, marginally I would have preferred Tsonga to have won because he was playing at home, but I honestly wasn't that bothered. Actually both players had an attack of failing to take break points, but I suspect when Jo looks back on the match he really will rue those missed opportunities.

Andy's match against Novak Djokovic was stopped last night as a storm was due to hit Paris with Novak leading two sets to one and them being three all in the fourth set. I'll still sticking with Novak to win. Somewhat bemusingly it's a match that could be over in three games and ten minutes or two hours later they could be eight all in the fifth set and still be playing or, of course, anything in-between.

Today is the women's final between: Serena Williams and Lucie Safarova which Serena will win. I would love Lucie to win, but in all honesty I can't see it happening.
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