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French Open - Day 10

Well, I'm still slightly stunned after the shocks at the French Open yesterday - both my predicted winners went out.

The bigger upset for me was Roger losing to Stan especially in straight sets. Their head-to-head seriously favoured Roger and Stan had never beaten him at a grand slam, so it really was a huge upset. It was, however, well deserved. I didn't see the entire match, but the bits I did see I enjoyed and Stan was the worthy winner.

I was less shocked by Tsonga beating Nishikori as on his day Tsonga can beat anyone, plus of course he had the support of the crowd and the French card are very partisan. I believe it would actually have also been a straight sets win were it not for a incident where a huge piece of metal with long spikes in it fell off the scoreboard into the crowd which stopped play for half an hour and allowed Nishikori to chat with his coach. Amazingly apart from a non-serious wrist injury no one was hurt - it could have been considerably worse.

Also my one remaining favourite female player went through, so that was good.

Now for today. We have the second lot of quarter finals. Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray vs. David Ferrer.

My predictions: Well I've called it as Novak's tournament all along (yes, I know I also said Federer would get to the final *g*) so I am sticking with him. Sadly, Rafa will not have a nice 29th birthday as Novak will beat him :-( I would really love to be wrong; it would be the icing on the cake for today, but I don't think I will be.

As for Andy vs. David; that really is almost too close to call. Whilst it is true that Andy has never beaten David on clay, it has to be remembered until a few weeks ago Andy had never beaten Rafa on clay and did so. So . . . I am going to go with Andy and I think this one will go all the way.
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