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French Open - Days 08 & 09

And so we grow ever nearer the end of the tournament and things are really hotting up - well they are on the men's side, the less said about the women's the better :-( There is now only one female player left in whom I have any real interest and the upsets continued with two more of my favourites going out over the last two days.

On the men's side it was pretty much as predicted with Rafa, Andy, Roger, Novak and David all going through, some more comfortably than others (*eyes Rafa & Andy*). However, that will change over the next couple of days. We are now at the quarter final stage and at the end of them at least two of the above-mentioned five will have exited the tournament as four of them will be playing one another.

Rafa played really well yesterday and I was very happy with how he converted his break points and consolidated his breaks. At least he played really well until he served for the match and then he inexplicably lost his serve and then, if that wasn't bad enough, also lost his next serve which meant the match went to four sets. He regained the upper hand quickly enough, but it won't be good enough against Djokovic tomorrow. Poor Rafa will not have a good birthday.

Today we have two quarter finals: Roger Federer vs. Stan Wawrinka (a clash of the Swiss) and Kei Nishikori vs. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (Japan vs. France).

My predictions: Federer & Nishikori. Although I would love to see Tsonga win, not because I don't care for Nishikori, but I would like to see Tsonga win in front of his home crowd. Plus, a Tsonga vs. Federer semi final would be superb.
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