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French Open - Days 06 & 07

There's not a great deal to say about these two days other than the big four all came through their respective ties easily; David Ferrer made hard work of his tie but finally won in five sets.

I'm still somewhat concerned about Rafa's break point conversion rate and his ease of consolidating a break; plus his first serve was nothing to write home about in this match. Yes, he won pretty easily on the score board, but he can't play like that against Novak or it will be a straight sets loss. He has to up his game for his next round as well.

None of my favourite women went out, but then there are only two left in the draw.

I did actually learn something during my watching. In the match between Andy and Krygiros they both resorted to some fairly bad language - aimed I hastened to add totally at themselves. The commentators apologised (as they always do) which irritated me as always as they weren't the ones to swear. Clearly I wasn't the only one irritated because they suddenly said they knew people at home were irritated by them apologising for the players swearing but that it was part of the broadcast regulations; if they don't apologise they get into trouble *Rolls eyes at yet another stupid broadcasting rule* Apologise for what you do, not what someone else does; It's a mockery otherwise, IMHO.

Today could be very interesting and even though it's not the half of the draw in which my favourite players are I shall be glued to the TV.
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