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French Open - Days 04 & 05

Well the big four (Rafa, Andy, Roger & Novak) as well as the oft-times forgotten man (David Ferrer) all safely navigated their way through their respective second round matches - even if Andy had to do it slightly the hard way and win in four. So all is good there.

Sadly another of my favourite women went out - the women's seeds are falling left, right and centre - but also sadly my least favourite woman is still there. I had hopes when she lost the first set that there would be an upset. However, the enormity of what her opponent was about to do seemed to hit her and 'normality' was restored.

After watching the big four do I feel as if I wish to change my prediction that it will be a Roger vs. Novak final with Novak emerging the winner? No, I do not.

I've now watched both of Rafa's matches and whilst he is actually playing well, his shots are working, at times he shows the utter brilliance that is him 'oh, look, there's a line, I think I'll hit it', his biggest problem is being unable to convert break points. He won his match against Nicholas Almagro quite easily, but should have won it far more easily. He had break points in just about every game and threw many of them away. Yes, Almagro won several, but Rafa lost and lost, not out hit by Almagro actually lost, ones he should have won easily and before this year would have won easily.

He was also finding it hard to consolidate on his lead. He was broken once, but it could have been more times had it not been for a few excellent serves (not his best shot actually) and a few audacious shots. That is fine against a player like Almagro, but he won't (indeed hasn't, as results this year have shown) get away with it against better players. According to the commentators this has been his problem all year which ties in with him saying it isn't his playing that is a problem, it's a lack of confidence on the big points. So, he certainly won't (sadly) beat Novak - assuming he gets that far and I think he will.

I was correct about Andy being the only Brit standing at the end of the second round of singles. Heather was slaughtered and Kyle never even took to the court being advised his stomach injury was serious enough to make playing inadvisable.

Onto round three.
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