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French Open - the first three days

I have enjoyed the first three days of the French Open and there haven't been any huge upsets on the men's side at least. All the players I wanted to get through the first round did (including Rafa) and I even got to watch some of them - yay! A couple of my favourite female players, however, have unexpectedly crashed out.

We have three Brits - yes three - into the second round of the singles; so Andy is not alone (which if fairly unusual). However, sadly I expect at the end of tomorrow (weather permitting of course) that it will be Andy on his own. But who knows Heather and or Kyle may yet surprise me. Although having just seen who they are playing in round two, I stand by my prediction of Andy being the only Brit remaining in the singles at the end of round two.

My only real 'complaint' is that all the players I love to watch are in the same half of the draw (both men and women) and so I have a whole day of watching and then a day when there's no one I really want to watch. It is somewhat unbalanced. It's very naughty of the FO draw to do this to me *g* Also, given it is being shown on ITV4 there is only one match available; so far it has been the match I want to see but I doubt that will continue - I'm not that lucky *g*
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