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The good about this time of year

As everyone here knows I hate summer (and late spring) so this time of year is not a good time for me. However, it does have one upside to it, it's the one time of the year we get proper television coverage of tennis matches beginning with the French Open, going onto Queens, Eastbourne and ending with Wimbledon. Thus, I get to spend quite a lot of time watching tennis (and usually enjoying it).

Actually, it's probably a good thing we don't get much more tennis shown here or my writing output would be considerably less.

The French Open actually begins today (it's the only slam to begin on and end on a Sunday). As usual I will be supporting Rafa and hoping he will lift his tenth FO title (sorry, plutos_revenge, I know you want to see someone else win, but I have to support Rafa).

However, for pretty much the first time ever I have very little hope at all that he will win. Not only does has he had a very poor start to the 2015 season, he has lost badly on clay to people he's never lost to before on clay, thus his ranking has dropped and he has an awful draw. To win the whole thing assuming rankings work out he will have to beat Novak Djokovic (his nemesis) in the quarters, Andy Murray (who thrashed him recently on clay) in the semis and Roger Federer (his greatest rival) in the final. Sorry, Rafa, but I simply can't see it this year.

I am tipping Djokovic to win; he is the man on form; he's barely lost this year and is playing superb tennis. I really think this year he'll not only achieve a career set of grand slams, but actually he'll do what even Rafa and Federer couldn't do and become the first man in the Open Era to win all four slams in a calendar year.

Who else has a chance?

Well, you can never write Federer off and he does have a dream draw this year as he won't have to meet any really big name until the final. Although it has to be remembered that he has got into the rather bad habit recently of losing to people he should beat in his sleep. Nonetheless, he really does have his best chance ever of adding a second French Open title to collection of slams. However, as much as I respect him, I can't see him ever winning a slam again, I do think his age is against him.

Andy Murray is having a good year and is playing the best he has ever played on clay and has won two, back to back, clay court tournaments ( his first clay court tournaments) and as I said above he thrashed Rafa to win one of them. He has to be in with a chance; however, it has to be remembered that Djokovic is also Andy's nemesis).

If I had to pick someone I would love to see win (Rafa aside of course) it would be David Ferrer as I regard him as the best player never to have won a slam. However, he would need a very fair wind, a lot of luck on his side and play the tennis of his life for the entire fortnight as he is also on the side of the drawer with Djokovic, Andy and Rafa. But I really would love to see him win.

However, my prediction is: Djokovic vs. Federer in the final with Djokovic winning.
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