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Yep, I'm at it again

Another stories_a_z challenge. Once again my claim is:

Fandom: Multiple
Claim: Multiple

01.Agree To Agree.
02.Best Laid Plans.
03.Change Of Heart
04.Doing It My Way.
(Ducky Mallard)
05.Everything Has A First Time.
06.Fairy Tale Of New York.
07.Good Deeds Can Backfire.
08.Hidden Ones Are The Worst.
09.I'm Not Telling Ducky.
(Gibbs & DiNozzo)

10.Jimmy's Problem.
(Ducky & Jimmy)
11.Keep On Hoping.
12.Locating The Key.
13.Moving On.
14.Not Without Feelings Of Guilt.
15.Operation Glory
16.Proud Of You.
17.Quiet Nights Were The Worst.
19.Shaken Up.
20.Tony Or Breena.
22.Victory For All.
23.What Matters Is Us.
24.X-Ray Like.
25. Y 26.Zero Tolerance.

Tags: fanfic challenge: stories a-z, fanfic challenges

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